Senior Pet Wellness Care

Cornerstone Veterinary Clinic takes thorough care in examining and treating senior pets.

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Senior Pet Wellness Care

If your pet is 7 years or older, we consider him or her a senior citizen. Your pet may seem healthy well into its senior years. However, many problems common to senior pets (like kidney or heart failure) may not present symptoms until your pet becomes seriously ill. A comprehensive senior wellness program helps us identify problems early enough to institute preventative healthcare measures.

As pet’s age their organs gradually deteriorate and lose the ability to function properly. At Cornerstone Veterinary Clinic, we use senior testing to promote early detection and treatment of disease, so we can maintain health and prevent illness during your pet’s senior years. Early detection of disease often gives us more effective and less costly treatment options. Senior testing also helps establish normal baseline values for you pet, creating a point of comparison for the future.

We recommend senior testing for all senior pets as well as any pet who is exhibiting one or more of the following symptoms: weight loss or gain, increased thirst or urination, lethargy, vomiting/diarrhea, poor hair coat, coughing, seizures, unusual behavior, or overall decline in condition.

The following lists a few of the more common conditions that pets may experience as they age.

Conditions and Method(s) of Initial Diagnosis

Kidney disease – Physical examination, bloodwork, urine testing
Heart disease – Physical examination, x-ray, bloodwork
Liver disease – Physical examination, bloodwork
Arthritis – Physical examination, x-ray
Thyroid disease – Physical examination, bloodwork
Hormonal diseases – Physical examiniation, bloodwork, urine testing
Cataracts – Physical examination
Cognitive dysfunction – Physical examination, bloodwork
Diabetes Mellitus – Physical examination, bloodwork, urine testing

While it may be more common for senior pets to develop the above problems than younger pets, that doesn’t mean they have to live with the pain and discomfort these diseases bring. Most pets can benefit greatly from treatment, helping them live longer, healthier, more comfortable lives. So don’t wait, schedule your senior pet’s wellness appointment today!

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